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GiGie Carranza

Gigie Carranza has been in the ministry almost immediately after she was baptized by her own brother in November, 1990. Prior to her joining the British Bible School in 1993, she served with American missionaries in Manila as church secretary. Since her return from the UK in 1995, she has directed medical missions for MARCH for Christ, a non-profit organization overseen by the churches of Christ in the Philippines, and its sponsor Bread for a Hungry World, and ministered in disaster-stricken countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Myanmar doing relief work. She continues to work with Bread coordinating Tree of Life, a program that helps keep poor Filipino children in school.


Gigie loves teaching children and young people in her home congregation in Indang, Cavite. She is often invited as a resource speaker at various ladies' classes, including one at the Asian Mission Forum in Bali, Indonesia in 2007.