Typically our service begins with a continuation of the family atmosphere created in the breakfast, starting with announcements.


This is followed by singing, and an opening prayer. We then take the Lord's Supper (i.e. 'Communion'), the main focus of the worship service, which is then followed by the collection and the sermon. The sermon is delivered by one of the men in the congregation and generally, lasts around 20 - 30 minutes.


As a congregation we usually follow this regular order of service, although it is by no means set in stone. In keeping with the family atmosphere at Castlemilk we like to vary the format. Often we have organised devotionals, where the Lord's Supper is sandwiched in between praising God in song, Bible readings and prayer. On other occasions we sometimes substitute the sermon with a Bible reading.


Regardless of our format, our focus always stays the same: praising and worshiping God and recognising Jesus' sacrifice for our sins in the Lord's Supper.


The sermons delivered at Castlemilk have a reputation of being edifying, passionate, uplifting and challenging. The congregation is blessed to have as many talented speakers, especially for a congregation that is relatively small.


The preaching follows what you might call a 'sermon diet'. That is, the scheduled speakers preach upon an assigned topic. We feel this is extremely important and beneficial, as it brings a structure and theme to our meetings as opposed to a random serving of lessons. Members are able to access the schedule and see who is preaching, and on what at any given time from our worship schedule.


Lords Supper
The Bible commands us to remember the sacrifice of Jesus on a weekly basis, and of course we follow suit. Before we 'break bread' one of the men guides our thoughts with some meaningful comments or Bible reading, usually lasting around ten minutes. This helps set the tone and thus makes the experience more poignant.


Many visitors who have come to our morning worship are impressed by our singing, our passion and the spirit in which everything is done. We believe the experience at Castlemilk is truly unique. Come alone and find out for yourself, we'd love to have you.